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The People of the Piedmont Subdivision


This page is dedicated to the memory of the men and women who ran the Piedmont Sub. Many of the individuals named below were the friends and family of Mr. Charles Southworth. According to Mr. Southworth:

These were some of the railroad men that kept the Piedmont Subdivision running at full tilt during and before and after WWII. These men were the finest that you could ever know. Honest, hard-working, God-fearing men, loved their jobs and were the best they could be. Their performance was a great contribution to America in hauling tens of thousands of troops and war supplies to the port of Newport News for the war effort.

If you hold your mouse cursor over names printed in blue, information on that person will appear in a tool tip. Blue text with an underline is, of course, a link that can be clicked. If you have a family member or friend who worked on the Piedmont Sub, email me at the address at the bottom of this page and I’ll be happy to include that person here.

Job/Title Name Name
Fireman/Engineer William Anderson
B. Angel, West, VA
Virgil Barnett, Charlottesville (son of Virgil Barnett)
William Alfred Batty
Arthur Baumgartner, Charlottesville
L. “Slim” Beddow, Charlottesville
A. Bellomy, Charlottesville
George Bibb, Charlottesville
Meredith Bickers, Charlottesville
Mark Bishop, Charlottesville
John Bowen, Charlottesville
Oscar Bowen, Charlottesville
Helmuth Breeden, Charlottesville
Jesse Britton, Charlottesville
Donald Brown, Charlottesville
James Collier, Charlottesville
Wilson Cropp, Charlottesville
Bill Crouch, Charlottesville
John W. Dabney, Jr.
Bob Davis, Charlottesville
Bill Desper, Charlottesville
Emmet Diggs, Charlottesville
Charles L. Dillard
Russel Dixon, Charlottesville
George Donovan, Charlottesville
Lamont Dudley, Charlottesville
Harry Easton, Charlottesville
Bob Ennis, Green Spring
Floyd Ennis, Green Spring
Bill Estes, Charlottesville
Frank Eubank, Charlottesville
Charlie Evans, Charlottesville
William Fleshman, Charlottesville
Richard Ganzert, Charlottesville
Willy Ganzert, Charlottesville
Frederick Gerhardt, Charlottesville
Delmar Gibson, Charlottesville
James Gibson, Charlottesville
Chester Gibson, Charlottesville
Norwood “Toodles” Gibson, Richmond
William Gibson, Charlottesville
Al Glover, Charlottesville (son of Cleve Glover)
James Hall, Charlottesville
Lloyd Hall, Charlottesville
Arthur Harbottle, Charlottesville
Cecil Harding, Charlottesville
Edsel Ford “Pike” Harrington, Lindsay
Lynn Hartmann, Charlottesville
James Hatcher, Charlottesville
Jim Heffelbower, Charlottesville
Jessie Hixon, Charlottesville
Fred Holland, Green Spring
Willis Bryan Hughes, Charlottesville[photo]
James Hughes, Charlottesville
Raymond Hunt, Charlottesville
Christoher Husband, Charlottesville [photo]
Wade Jenkins, Charlottesville
Charles Johnson, Charlottesville
James Johnson, Charlottesville
“Fuzzy” Jones, Troy, VA
John Jones, Charlottesville
Mason Jones, Troy, VA
Hiram Kennon, Mineral
William Kirby, Charlottesville
Edward Lane, Charlottesville
Pleasant Larus, Charlottesville
Haywood Lowry, Charlottesville
Ben Luck, Sr., Mineral
Woodrow Madison, Charlottesville
Homer Marshall, Charlottesville
Virgil Marshall, Charlottesville
Fred Martin, Charlottesville
Harry Martin, Charlottesville (son of John Martin)
Emmet McGhee, Mineral
John Melton, Charlottesville
Fred W. Milhado, Jr., Mineral
Allen Miller, Charlottesville
Roy B. “Doc” Miller
Buck Milholland, Charlottesville
Robert Mooney, Charlottesville
Ramie Moore, Charlottesville
Doug Morris, Charlottesville (son of L. Morris)
John S. Nees [photo]
James E.“Pete” Noel, Mineral
Woodie Pritchard, Charlottesville[photo]
Jason Pritchett
Woodie Pritchett, Charlottesville
Freddy Roberts, Charlottesville (son of John Roberts)
Bill Roberts, Charlottesville
Wendel Ross, Charlottesville
Howard Ruckland, Charlottesville
M. E. "Pitt" Sandridge, Charlottesville (son of M. E. Sandridge)
George Scruggs, Charlottesville
John Sensibaugh, Charlottesville
L. A. Short, Jr., Charlottesville (son of L. A. Short, Sr.)
H. Spangler, West, VA
Henry Southworth, Charlottesville
Oley Southworth
Jess Stogner, Charlottesville
Edward Strickler, Charlottesville
Herman Thacker, Charlottesville
Reginald Thacker, Charlottesville
Dan Townsend, Jr., Charlottesville (son of Dan Townsend, Sr.)
H. Flemming Tulloh, Mineral
James M. Tulloh
Roy Turner, Charlottesville
Norman Walton, Charlottesville
Robert Watts, Charlottesville
A. Wauhop, West, VA
Willy Willkins
Robert V. Wine, Charlottesville [photo]
Buck Woods, Charlottesville (son of S. Woods)
Caball Woody, Charlottesville
Jacky Yowell, Green Spring
Ray Yowell, Green Spring

Brakeman/Conductor Stephen Baber, Charlottesville
Harry Batty, Passenger Trains [photo]
J. E. Beazley, Conductor
Rueben Beck, Charlottesville
David Becker
Meridith Bickers, Charlottesville
James Bishop, Charlottesville
Hollis Black, Fluvanna County
Benett Booker, Charlottesville
Donald Bourne, Charlottesville
Timothy Browning
Francis Butler, Mineral
Herman Chapman, Charlottesville
Wayne Christian
Jessie Clark, Charlottesville
Sydney Clark
Alfred H. Clarke [photo]
Nathan Clarke
Pete Cole, Charlottesville
Richard Crebbs, Charlottesville
William Delong, Charlottesville
William L. Delong, Jr., Charlottesville [photo 1] [photo 2] [photo 3]
John Drumheller, Charlottesville
John Durham, Charlottesville
John Ennis, Charlottesville
R. S. Glass
L. Haggard Sr., Charlottesville
L. Haggard Jr., Charlottesville
Jerry Hale, Charlottesville
A. Hamilton, Charlottesville
Randall Haney
Bradley S. Hughes
Samuel Jarman, Charlottesville
Charles Johnson, Charlottesville
Billy Jones, Charlottesville
Ronnie Jones, Charlottesville
Tommy Jones, Charlottesville
Henry Josselyn, Charlottesville
Charlie King, Charlottesville
Russel Knight, Mineral
Gordon Leake, Charlottesville
Chuck Logan, Richmond
Mo Mawyer
Doug Meeks, Charlottesville
Owney Meeks, Charlottesville
Marion Melville, Charlottesville
Fred W. Milhado, Sr., Mineral (also Railway Postal Employee)
Howard Mills, Charlottesville
Clyde Moore, Charlottesville
James Mundie, Charlottesville
Stephen Parr, Charlottesville
Garnett Payne, Charlottesville
Spurgeon Payne, Charlottesville
Joseph Phillips
Levingston Plumb, Charlottesville
Phil Purvis
Erwin Ramsey, Charlottesville
Grafton Shiflett, Charlottesville
Cecil Slaughter, VAL Mixed Train
Robert Slaughter, Charlottesville
Joseph Stephens, Charlottesville
Montie Rae Southworth
Richard "Dick" Southworth
Louis M. Spicer, VAL Sub
Carey Stevens, Charlottesville
Franklyn Thacker, Charlottesville
James Townsend, Charlottesville
Charles Trader, Charlottesville
Bob Utz, Charlottesville Wilfred van Lear, Charlottesville
William Van Lear, Charlottesville
Jerry White, Charlottesville
James Willis, Charlottesville
Bill Whitmer
William Wood, Charlottesville
J.T. Wright
Robert Yowell, Charlottesville

Railroad Express Car Jimmy Ward

Railroad Mail Clerk Garland Spicer

Porter David Johnson

Baggage Handlers Charlie Bradley
Mason Bryant
George Ford
David Johnson
Ralph Minor

Section Foreman John W. Dabney
Mr. Glasgow, Louisa
A. P. Hall
Alton Hall
Eddie Hall
Lee Lane
William C. Robinson, Sr.
William C. Robinson, Jr.
Walter F. Southworth [more information]
Walter M. Southworth

Section Hands Henry Cosby
Walter Deal
James William “Bill” Dickerson [photo]
Shack Graves
William Green
Henry Harris
Bernie Harrison
Johnnie Johnson
Andrew Jones [photo]
William Luck
Bill Preddy
Willi Sharp
Herman Simms
George Simms
Harry Southworth, Bumpass
Clivi Spicer (Signals)
Herbert Thomasson

Heavy Equipment Operator Fred R. Seay

Signalman Mr. Crisp
Paige Hall
Norman Goodman, Tylers?
Tommy Lanahan
Pop Spicer
Oliver Ward

Gate Keeper Roger Hubbard, Main Street Station, Richmond

Track Walker Will Ward

Extra Force Cook Tom Howard

Kerosene Switch Lantern Lighter Harry Clory

General Superindendent Lee Grubbs

Division Engineer James “Jim” Anders [photo]

Road Foreman P.D.White, Charlottesville
F.E. Lawrence, Charlottesville
Otis Lamb, Charlottesville
Rudi Tomlin, Charlottesville
M. E. “Pitt” Sandridge, Charlottesville

Yard Master Willis Hughes
Robert Mays
Wade Miller
Robert Miller (Wade’s son)
Roy Roudabush, third trick
T. Woods, Charlottesville

Car Inspector George Barnett
George Bibb
Bob Cochran
George Compton, supervisor
Robert Compton
Earl Scruggs

Roundhouse Clerk Wallace B. Hughes

Yard worker Lillburn P. Harris (a.k.a. Jake), Charlottesville

Caller George Miller, Charlottesville Ken Staples, Charlottesville

Station Agents/Station Masters/Freight Agents/Clerks
This list was greatly augmented through Bob Cohen’s generosity in sharing a list of agents he compiled using resources of his own and the C&OHS.
D. L. Armstrong, Lindsay circa 1918 until 1923
W. B. Ashbang, Lindsay 05/05/1908 until 06/22/1908
S. G. Beatty, Lindsay 03/19/1908 until 04/30/1908
W. L. Beckham, Lindsay 06/27/1910 until 09/01/1910
Ashley J. Bell, Cobham circa 1851
C. Calvin Bell, Madison Run1 until 12/17/1912
L. Bremond, Keswick circa 1859 until 1868; Edgehill/Shadwell circa 1854 until 1867
R. J. Brockman, Madison Run1 from 09/01/1914 into 1926
Cliff Bumpass
C. W. Carder, Cobham circa 1918
E. W. Carder, Lindsay circa 1934; Cobham circa 1928 until 1930
F. W. Carder, Cobham circa 1919 until 1926
W. A. Carr, Lindsay 06/23/1908 until circa 11/1908
W. L. Davenport, Shadwell circa 1909
W. M. Dunn, Gordonsville circa 1893 to 1904
W. M. Dunn, Jr., Gordonsville circa 1865 to 1868
J. C. Faulconer, Lindsay 08/12/1910 until circa 1914 and circa 1916/1917
R. M. Flanagan, Lindsay, 01/13/1908 until 03/18/1908 and circa 1916; Gordonsville circa 1944 until 1948
E. L. Geddy, Keswick circa 1909 until 1944
J. N. Gee, Jr., Lindsay 12/23/1907 until 01/12/1908
J. R. Gentry, assistant agent Gordonsville circa 1865 to 1868
E. F. Gilley, Charlottesville circa 1938 until 1948
Addison J. Gooch, Gordonsville circa 1854 to 1864
G. S. Goodwin, Cobham 08/19/1902 until 09/18/1902
P. B. Hancock, Keswick circa 1893 until 1908
Frank Harris
R. W. Harrison, Lindsay circa 1909 until 06/26/1910
Henry Hiter, Louisa
Alfred Holiday, Charlottesville and Crozet2
Harry Holiday
Mrs. A. P. Huckstep, Lindsay circa 1903
J. E. Huckstep, Lindsay circa 1859 until 1868 and 1898 until 1903
P. D. Hulbert, Manager of Station Agencies
S. B. Jacobs, Gordonsville circa 1849
C. F. Jones, Cobham circa 07/1903 until 10/23/1903
J. E. Jones, Cobham circa 10/1903
J. L. Jones, Cobham circa 1904 to 1905
W. H. Kirker, Charlottesville circa 1868
E. F. Loving, Madison Run1 12/18/1912 until after 09/1913
F. B. Loving, Charlottesville circa 1934
G. R. Luck
Irving Luck
Dorothy MacDonald, Clerk at Louisa
H. G. Mahanes, Lindsay 09/26/1903 until 12/22/1907
D. Mastin, Charlottesville
J. H. Matthias, Gordonsville circa 1904 until 1921
Hillary McClandish
Hunter Miller, Agent at Louisa
James Minor, Charlottesville 09/30/1851 until circa 1867
Mr. Moore, mobile agent
D. E. Nelson, Cobham circa 09/1902
James Netherland, Cobham circa 1849
R. F. Omohundro, Gordonsville circa 1851
Seth Palmer, Keswick circa 1948
E. E. Poindexter, Lindsay circa 1948
W. A. Powell, Gordonsville circa 1923 until 1942; Cobham circa 1917
S. F. Seay, Cobham circa 1902 to 1903
E. M. Smith, Shadwell circa 1910 until 1930
J. M. Smith, Edgehill/Shadwell circa 1893 until 09/01/1909
O. J. Streeve, Madison Run1 circa 1914
M. A. Thompson, Cobham circa 1854
Stephen F. Thurston
Ed J. Timberlake, Edgehill/Shadwell circa 1849 until 1851
Chris Topalu, Manager of Station Agencies
A. R. Walker, Cobham circa 1934 until 1948
W. O. Watson, Charlottesville circa 1893 until 1930
T. J. West, Keswick circa 1909
Carlton P. Williams, Extra
Herbert L. Williams
J. Williams, Cobham 10/1893 until 06/16/1902
J. O. Williams, Lindsay circa 1926 until 1930
J. R. Williams, Cobham 06/17/1902 until 08/18/1902 and circa 1905 until 1916
Jacob Williams, Cobham circa 1859 until 1868
Otis Williams, Troy3
H. P. Winn, Lindsay circa 1938 until 1944
J. D. Winn, Campbell circa 1893 until 1930
Herbert Wiseman, Agent at Ellerson and Beaver Dam
“Speedy” Wright, Agent at Louisa

1 - Washington Subdivision
2 - Mountain Subdivision
3 - Virginia Air Line Subdivision

Telegraph Operators Mr. Ladd
Mr. Reggie Moss
Joe Phillips
Jefferson Grant Thomas [photo]

Tower Operators Johnnie Gates, Fulton Yard
Percy D. Heath
H. A. “Buddy” Mahanes
Lewis M. Patterson
Pat Patterson
Frank R. Scheer
King Joseph Tardiff
Blair W. Thompson, Gordonsville
Kenneth S. Williams

Train Master Bill Barksdale, Charlottesville
Fred Compston, Charlottesville
Mr. Fox, Charlottesville
Frank Schumaker, Charlottesville

Train Dispatcher Claude Dickerson, 3rd trick in the early 1970’s
James L. Pickett, Chief Train Dispatcher in the early 1970’s
Roy F. Satterwhite, 2nd trick in the early 1970’s

Carpenter Walter Orange

Engine Supplyman Broadus Price


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